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Hunting has continued to evolve since time immemorial. There were days when humans depended on hunting for food but nowadays it’s more of recreation activity. Hunting requires skills, patience, a hunting rifle, a flashlight and most importantly a good knife. Making a good killing is as important as what you will do with it thereafter. This is why a good hunting knife is the hunter’s best companion.

A good hunting knife requires several key attributes such as a good grip, a sharp blade (that’s also easy to sharpen) and also a sharp edge. Most hunters will tell you that a hunting knife has more than one role with the most important roles is preparing meals, dressing and even as a security tool.

What to look for in a hunting knife

Before we jump to the list of the best hunting knives of 2020, lets first look at the what makes an ideal hunting knife. Here are some of the things to consider:

Folding or Fixed Knife

Well, this is a pretty contentious topic in the hunting world. There are those who believe that a folding knife is a way to go and yet there are others who feel that they can only hunt with a fixed-blade knife. Whereas both sets of knives come in handy while hunting, only the hunter can decide which works best for them. Hunters should know the side of the pendulum they lean on before buying one.

Blade Length

Here is another area that hunters can’t seem to agree on blade length. The blade length can be categorized into three groups; the long blades, over 6 inches, medium blades, between 4-6 inches and the short knives which are usually 4 inches and below. The most important point here is the main task of the knife. This usually dictates the kind of blade length to go for.

The Knife’s Steel

The quality of the knife’s steel determines the longevity of the knife. This is why you need not compromise when it comes to steel. The most common materials used to make steel are usually carbon and stainless. Usually, the main difference between the two is that stainless steel is harder to sharpen and does not hold an edge for long. On the other hand, carbon steel sharpens easy and tends to hold an edge for much longer. However, they do rust rather easily.

Here is our list of the best hunting knives of 2020:

Cold Steel Recon 1

Cold Steel has been known to make astonishingly sharp knives and the Cold Steel Recon 1 is no different. Though the knife was not made for hunting, it fits the purpose just right. The knife is made with durable steel known as S30V which is not only long-lasting but also retains its edge rather well.

So as to have a strong and comfortable grip, the knife is fitted with G10 handles. This type of handle has been known to be gentle on the hands giving users easy time when using the knife. A good handle is one that allows easy traction and this is exactly what you get with this knife. Since most outdoor hunting is usually rough, Cold Steel made this knife with a bombproof handle.


Cold Steel has crafted this blade for superior outdoor performance. Most of the small knives are required for easier processing of game and this is why this knife has a razor-sharp edge. This comes in handy when hunters are preparing their games with the spear sharp edge making helping them do this with ease.

This knife is ideal for hunters who need a trustworthy fixed knife.


  • Super sharp
  • Top-quality
  • Pretty rugged
  • Attractive shape


  • Does not sharpen easy

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

If there is a well-known knife manufacturer in the hunting world, its Ka-Bar. Throughout the years, this vendor has been known to make some of the best-fixed blades in the market. This knife was crafted to be both effective and easy to carry so that it suits all the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. It’s both lightweight and comes with excellent safety features so that hunters can bring along every time they step into the wild


For those of us who are interested in more technical aspects of a hunting knife, here are a few details for you. The knife is made with a steel blade, more specifically the 1095 Cro-van, and has a twenty-degree blade angle. When it comes to the handle, the knife is made with the Grivory material which gives users both comfort and control when using the knife. To ensure the safety of the user, as well as maintain the sharpness of the blade for long, the Ka-Bar BK2 knife comes with a nylon sheath.



  • Comes with a nylon sheath for protection
  • The handle is comfortable for users
  • It has an eye-catching design
  • Built to last long


  • Too lightweight for some tasks
  • The sheath is not all too impressive

ESEE Knives 4P

One of the reasons why a hunting knife is must-have equipment for outdoor lovers is because it can perform various tasks. From hunting to skinning to even survival, hunting knives are paramount to hunters and outdoor lovers. This is the concept that Randall’s Adventure & Training had when they designed the ESSE KNIVES 4P. The knife has everything that a hunter would need.

Its mas made with carbon steel which makes it easy to sharpen and keep an edge. The carbon steel is of high quality and thou some people are not convinced that the 1095 carbon is the best, it still performs well.

To curb rusting, the manufacturer coats this blade with a rust indicator giving a long-lasting touch. The drop end is made in such a way that it gives users an easy time when processing meat and the flat blade is very easy to sharpen.


The manufacturer uses a material known as Micarta on the handle of the blade which is better than wood and lasts longer than plastic. To top it up, they also coat the handle with linen scales which does an amazing job in ensuring that the hand does slip when using the knife


  • Easy to sharpen
  • It is durable
  • Versatile handle
  • Made with superior quality


  • It’s a bit heavy
  • It’s expensive

Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife

Most, if not all hunting jobs, will involve wet and slippery conditions. This is mainly brought about by cleaning or blood and this will require a knife that can withstand such conditions. There is no better knife for this than the Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife with Sandvik Carbon Steel Blade which does an amazing job. The knife is made with a plastic handle that gives users an assured grip and works even in cold freezing conditions.


The manufactures used high-grade carbon steel which means that the knife is easy to sharpen as well as easy to clean. The steel is really tough making it ideal for most of the outdoor requirements.  For security purposes, the knife is made with a plastic sheath that comes with a matching colour with the knife.

The knife is really cheap for its abilities and even in the unprecedented events that it breaks, it is ridiculously cheap to replace.



  • Ridiculously affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Has a good handle
  • Very sharp


  • Requires constant care
  • Requires next level sharpening skills

MTech USA Xtreme: MX-8054


Last on our list is this blade from MTech USA Xtreme.  Unlike most blades in our list, this blade was crafted to perform a number of tasks at a go. The manufacture understands the outdoor conditions and this is why they made this knife using the 440 stainless steel. Going by its price, this is a relatively nice price owing to the fact that such level of steel is pricey in the market.

Since the thumb is mostly used when handling hunting knives, it’s important that it is well protected. This is why the manufacturer has installed a finger guard. Thou the handle takes some getting used to, it is very comfortable on hands.

The blade comes with 3 lashing points for easier attachment of the knife. This also means it is easier to securely attach the knife to a hook



  • Has a protective finger guard
  • The sheath is non-threating
  • Comes with a unique design
  • Unique design for various tasks


  • The saw is not of quality standards
  • It’s not durable

Parting shot!

There you go, folks. That’s our list of the best hunting knives of 2020. Whether you are an enthusiastic hunter or a newbie the list has some of the best knives you can get. Knives are fundamental tools in hunting and that is why you need to make a great investment for it. We always advise that an investment in good-quality gear is always a good investment. Happy hunting!