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We live in a world where things are changing at a supersonic speed. What you thought was cool and the best in the industry is quickly replaced with even cooler stuff. This means you have to be on a constant lookout for new devices. Since there is a cut-throat competition, manufacturers are in a never-ending race to innovate new products as well as improve the specs of already existing products. In the long run, this leaves consumers with better and improved products.

If you love your Bluetooth devices so much, and you are wondering what’s new in the market, we got you. This article is specifically dedicated to all Bluetooth enthusiasts and we have gone through the trouble of filtering hundreds of devices and reviews just to bring you the best Bluetooth devices in the market. That means perusing through tens and tens of sites just to ensure you get the right information.

Sneak Pick into our article: You can expect to find things to look for in a Bluetooth device, the specific specs of each device and what we loved and didn’t love about a particular device.

Shall we begin?

Jabra Talk 45


To kick us off is this device from Jabra. Talk 45 was specifically designed for people who are on constant calls and would appreciate to be on call and still do other things. When Jabra crafted this headset, they went for superior comfort and excellent voice quality. This ensures that users on both sides enjoy clear calls with minimum noise interruptions.

Allow us to dive into the more detailed side of the Jabra Talk 45 headset. For starters, they have an all-round microphone that’s able to capture your voice and with the HD voice features, they are able to give users a clear voice. The manufacturer understands that not everyone works in quiet office spaces, thus they have included a twin mic for noise cancellation.

Compared to other products in the Jabra Talk series, this model has a relatively small battery life of 6 hours. But to be fair, that’s 6 hours of quality, non-stop music or calls. They take up to 2 hours to completely charge and they have a range of just below 100 feet.


The manufacturer has designed different ear hooks to be used by people with different ear sizes and also diverse preferred styles.  For people who can’t afford to use their phones but they still need to make calls, this was is perfect for that. Its one-touch access to Siri and Google Assistant is just brilliant.


  • Noise cancellation technology
  • Has voice HD
  • Has a long-range connectivity
  • Comfy ear hooks


  • Short Battery life

Sennheiser Presence UC (504576)

This list is not complete without this piece from Sennheiser. This Bluetooth device was designed with superior precision. The manufacturer designed this device in such a way that the two people on the different sides of a call will enjoy clear and noise-free calls.


Here is a bit of a detailed explanation of the specs you can expect from this device. For starters, the device uses HD voice, HD sound and a three digital microphone technology to ensure the voice of the caller is not only natural but also clear.  They also use a technology known as Unique SpeakFocus that maximizes the quality of the voice. The use of 3 microphones also works to ensure the quality of the voice is well taken care of.

If the user is in a challenging environment, the noise and other hazards may hinder the quality of the audio. This Sennheiser uses WindSafe technology that reduces the effects of outside noises from affecting the quality of the audio.

This device is lightweight and has a battery capacity of 10 hours giving users an easy time when using the product. It is also slim and comfortable to users meaning that users can go a long time without feeling its weight.


Though it is one of the most priced Bluetooth earpieces, it has the qualities that make every dollar worthwhile. Its ability to connect to two devices at a go, and how easily it is to transit between the two is excellent.


  • Noise cancellation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Clear sound
  • Good design


  • It is pricey

Sonos Move

If you love outdoor parties, then you probably realize the need to have a strong speaker with excellent battery life. That’s what you get with this piece from Sonos. Throughout their existence, this company has continued to produce top-quality products that are tailored to meet every day (or weekend) needs for customers. 


The Sonos Move is built with 2 Class-D amplifiers, 1 mid-woofer, and a down-firing tweeter. To break it down in simple terms, this simply means that you will have one incredible sound-producing Speakers. They are crafted to use Bluetooth of about 4.2 technology and have the ability to connect from multiple wireless sources. They also have an amazing WI-FI connectivity meaning you don’t need to strain while using them.


With a battery of about ten hours, this Bluetooth speaker is made to bring life to an outdoor party and keep it blasting for a while. The device is very easy to use and with its ability to connect so easily means you can connect with other sources if the WI-FI connectivity is not there. The Sonos Move was built to last and has weather-resistant capabilities. However, they are a bit too heavy for their size and they are also a bit pricey. 


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Connects well
  • Solid battery life
  • Durable


  • It’s expensive
  • It is relatively Heavy

JBL Flip 5


JBL is a household name when it comes to electronic products. They have consistently designed products that have left an impression on everyone who uses them.  The JBL Flip 5 is one of the many in that list. This device was built by this simple phrase “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” in mind. JBL kept it very simple with the device and don’t mistake that for a low standard device. Far from it, though this device is simple, it still does an amazing job.

Most people tend to think that devices that are just basic can’ t do the job. The JBL Flip 5 is proving them wrong. Some of its modest features include wireless Bluetooth connectivity that uses the Bluetooth 4.2 technology, an IPX7 waterproof and speakers just to keep the party going.

What we found interesting with this model of the JBL is the battery life. You see, for every party, music is paramount irrespective of what type of music the party lovers are playing. For the outdoor parties, this music is supported by Bluetooth speakers. And this is where the JBL comes in handy. 12-hour battery life is some serious time to give a party going.


The IPX7 means the party will keep going irrespective of the weather. The company provides a variety of colours to choose from and it is designed in such a way that you can hold it horizontal or vertical. It is fairly priced and lightweight.


  • Fairly priced
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Phenomenal sound


  • No voice controls
  • Pretty basic

New Bee Bluetooth Earpiece

If you are in the market for an earpiece but you have a tight budget, this one is for you. Having a tight budget does not necessarily mean you have to compromise on the quality. It simply means you have to do more research. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. The New Bee Bluetooth Earpiece is considered to be a top-notch Bluetooth earpiece and the best part is, it does not cost as much.


Designed in white, the earpiece is lightweight and has comfy ear over plastic design.  With a battery life that can withstand up to 24 hours of talk time, you can understand why we had to include this in our list. On top of that, the battery has sixty days standby time, and can play music for about 22 hours  The charging time is expected to be two to three hours and the manufacturer includes a few earbud tips.


On top of it being ridiculously affordable, the manufacturer includes a 3-year warranty should anything happen to the device.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • 3-year warranty
  • Its rather comfortable


  • Brief battery life
  • Poor voice quality

Parting Shot

There you go, that’s the list of the best Bluetooth devices for 2020. The devices range from earpieces to speakers. For people who rely heavily on Bluetooth devices, they need devices that are not too heavy, or too tight or devices they can rely on all day every day. Getting the job done will require the best Bluetooth device. That said, prices also determine the type of device you want to purchase. Thus, it is important to invest in devices that will give you worthy experience.

For outdoor party lovers, Bluetooth speakers are music to their ears, literally.  This is why they are important to them. To be honest a good Bluetooth speaker can be the difference between a lively party and a dull party. The quality of the speakers and the battery life are some of the utmost features to look out for.