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The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading like wildfire, devouring everything on its path. This has left even the strongest countries struggling to contain it with the effects of the Norovirus being felt far and wide. The WHO and the CDC have recommended a series of measures that can be used to halt the spread of the deadly virus. The measures include washing your hands with soap and water, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, avoiding crowded places as well as covering your mouth if you are coughing or sneezing. This has led, to among other things, people adapting to face masks to help avoid the spread of the disease.

Just recently, not many people had an interest in face masks. However, in the wake of the spread of the deadly virus, people are rushing to buy face masks. The demand has skyrocketed with most vendors running out of stock. Manufacturers are also struggling to meet the demand with most countries even banning the export of face masks. So why is face mask so important? Experts say that face masks are an effective way of preventing harmful germs from entering your body through your nose or mouth. Face masks also prevent someone who is sick from spreading the disease to others.

What to look for in a face mask

There are several things that one should look for in a face mask. Here are a few checkpoints:

  • A face mask should be easy to breathe in
  • It should have a high filtration rate
  • It should be comfortable to wear
  • A good mask should not affect the skin

That said, we present the best face masks in the market;

Liaboe 2pcs Reusable N95 Mask


One of the most sort after face mask brand is the N95. It is popular because it can prevent pollutants as well as being comfortable on the wearer. This particular brand from Liaboe is reusable and has up to four layers of protective material.

Using the non-woven fabric, the manufacturer designed this face mask to filter the air giving the users peace of mind while wearing it. The multiple layers are important in filtering the air and the mask is also breathable and warm.


This face mask is lightweight and comfortable on the users. It does not contain any fibreglass and does not have any odour. The Liaboe 2pcs Reusable N95 Mask has a nose piece that is highly flexible and it allows the users to adjust according to their preference. The mask is fluid-resistant and with a filtration rate of 98.8%, it is very protective.

To ensure that the organic vapours don’t become an issue, the manufacturer has crafted these masks with active carbon which prefilters the vapour. The mask does not have any skin-irritating chemicals and thus ideal for people with sensitive skin. The ear bands are elastic and comfortable to wear. It is also reusable.


  • High filtration rates
  • Flexible nose piece for easier facial adjustments
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Reusable


  • Currently, it is highly-priced

20Pcs Disposable Face Masks – Disposable Protective Mask


The issue of disposing or reusing a face mask is quite divisive with some people unsure whether to reuse or dispose of face masks after use. If you believe you should do away with a face mask after use, this face mask is perfect for you. The manufacturer includes a total of twenty blue face masks in this package that are of good quality.

Made with polypropylene micro-fibre which is completely electrostatic, the mask is built to keep the airborne articles away. What’s more, the materials used in the manufacturer of these face masks are completely safe to wear.

The filtration rate is about 95% which is just about right in keeping airborne particles away from your airways. The inner part of this mask is made with a soft tissue which makes it comfortable to wear at the same time being gentle on your skin.

The earloops are elastic for easier adjustments and the manufacturer has included an additional soft material on the loop just to minimize the pressure on the ears. This makes it comfortable for users to wear for a long time. The three thick layers used in the mask are enough to keep pollutants away and they are safe to use for both kids and adults.


  • Disposable
  • Safe to use
  • Soft ear loops
  • Made with 3 thick layers


  • Currently, it is expensive

20pcs Face Mouth Cover Disposable Guard tool


Initially designed for surgical purposes, these face masks are also effective in blocking pollutants from accessing your airways. They are designed with a series of multi-layers to maximize protection. Its higher filtration level means even the finner particles will not find a way through.

The Face Mouth Cover Disposable Guard tool is made with anti-moisture material. This means you don’t need to worry about fluids passing through. It is comfortable to wear and its ear loops have double strings to keep it from detaching from the face.


The masks are breathable and don’t trap air on the inside so that it won’t get stuffy and uncomfortable. They are also easy to wear and don’t have any odour that can affect you. They are effective in blocking germs, pollutants, odours, among others.

The idea to include twenty pieces in this package means that users can get more value for their money. The Face Mouth Cover Disposable Guard tool is disposable and can be used in more than once.


  • Easy to use
  • Has an anti-moisture feature
  • Double string ear loops
  • It is comfortable to wear


  • It is expensive for its nature

Mask PM 2.5 4-Layer KN95 Face Mask


This mask is made with non-woven material that is effective in blocking germs and pollutants from finding their way to your body. With a four-layer design, the face mask is tailored to block most airborne germs. The filtration rate is high at 95% that is good at restoring clean breathe. This is also enhanced by the inner carbon filter layer.


Comfort is key for any face mask and this is why this mask is made with a material that does not rub on the face of the user. The ear loops are also made with an elastic material and include a safety loop. The sponge fasteners are easy to adjust and they safely seal the mask on the face. One of the unique features in this mask is the nose clip that ensures there is safety.

The Mask pm2.5 4-Layer KN95 Face Mask is lightweight and it is comfortable to wear. Its non-bulky nature, comfortable ear loops and general design make it ideal for use in multi areas. Whether protecting yourself from germs. Or paint jobs, or polluted air, this mask will give you just that. Due to the high demand, the Mask pm2.5 4-Layer KN95 Face Mask is very expensive.


  • High filtration rate
  • Has a nose safety clip
  • Soft, elastic ear loops
  • Comfortable to wear


  • It is expensive for its kind

Important Takeaways

The Center for Disease Control does not advise people to wear a face mask as a preventive measure against respiratory diseases such as COVD-19. Those who should wear masks are people who have a cough or sneezing, people looking after COVID-19 patients, or you are in the vicinity of an area with a confirmed case.

However, if you feel you need a face mask, you should go for one. After all, you owe yourself excellent health care. A face mask will go a long way in protecting your face from coming into contact with a lot of hazardous particles. If you also live or work in an environment that is badly polluted, you will need a face mask to protect you.

The WHO has come issued a series of instructions on how to use and dispose of face masks. Here are some of the things to do before and after use:

  • Before you put the mask, wash your hands with water and soap or with a hand sanitizer
  • When wearing a mask, ensure that you cover your mouth and nose tightly and leave no space in between
  • While you are wearing the mask, try not to touch the mask and if you must, ensure you wash your hands while touching
  • When removing the mask, do it from behind and try as much as not to touch the front side. Wash your hands or sanitize them while you are doing this.

If you are using a disposable mask, it is safe to that you discard it safely to avoid contaminating your surrounding. You should not reuse a single-use mask and it is advisable to replace a mask with another one. For the reusable masks, ensure that you roughly clean it to avoid the chance of contamination.

There is a crazy demand for face masks, with the current trend expected to persist for a while. If you are in a position to, buy in bulk or take advantage of offers as and when they happen. Stay safe.