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In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the use of hand sanitizers has risen sharply. This is following a series of recommendations from both governments and medical practitioners who say that hand sanitizers can be used to keep our hands clean and stop the virus from spreading. This, of course, is just one of the any measures that have been put in place to try and curb the spread of the virus.  However, the increase in usage of hand sanitizers has also given rise to misinformation which has bled a lot of confusion.

There are several things that the CDC has recommended for a hand sanitizer with the most notable one being; a sanitizer should contain at least 60% alcohol concentration. Experts say this is important as this level of alcohol kills most of the germs.

If you don’t have a hand sanitizer, it is recommended to use good old water and soap. It may not look or sound fancy, but it does the job.

Here are some of the best hand sanitizers in the market:

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer


We kickstart this list with this sanitizer from Purell. With 62% alcohol concentration, this sanitizer is poised to kill most of the illness-causing germs. It is a proven fact, that the gel can kill up to 99.9% of germs that may be found on your hands. What’s more, the sanitizer does not contain any harmful preservatives which may damage your skin. This gives you peace of mind that the sanitizer will do its job without causing harm. It will also leave your hands soft.

Purell designed this sanitizer for workplaces as the package contains several 1 0z sanitizers that can be specifically placed in the various places in an office or home set up. Having this sanitizer means you can expect to reduce the spread of germs.


They come in pocket-sizes making them easy to carry and they are don’t easily leak. The manufacturer also provides a bowl for easier storage. The flip- cap means they are easy to access and their size means they can be easily placed in several surfaces. However, that said, they are a bit pricey and do not refill easily.


  • Hardly leak
  • Comes with a fishbowl
  • Easy to access and comes in a pocket-friendly size
  • Kills 99.9% of germs


  • They are expensive
  • Not easily refilled

Artnaturals Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Gel


One of the main issues that sanitizers face is the issue of scent and causing damages to sensitive skin. Some people are easily affected by scents and while strong sanitizers can cause skin damages. The Artnaturals Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Gel ticks all the right boxes with the gel being scent-free and is gentle on hands.

With an alcohol concentration of 62.5%, the gel kills up to 99% of germs that it comes across. It is made with natural ingredients that make it ideal for people with sensitive skins. This also makes it safe to be used by kids and someone who reacts to strong sanitizers. The manufacturer includes jojoba oil, Vitamin E and aloe Vera in the gel to moisturize as well as nourish the skin.


The gel is known not to dry on the skin meaning you can clean your hands thoroughly. Though the Artnaturals Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Gel is a bit pricey, it does a pretty amazing job and the package does not easily leak.


  • It is scent-free
  • Gentle on skin
  • Does not dry easily
  • Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera


  • A bit priced

MiyaSudy Disposable Hand Sanitizer Gel


This sanitizer gel has been known to quickly kill up to 99.99% of germs it comes across. It has a chilling effect on the skin and it is effective in reducing the number of microbes on hands. The manufacturer uses several ingredients to make this gel among them, ethanol. This makes it soft on skin as well as helping improve its quality. The ethanol also has an antimicrobial effect which makes it ideal in stopping the spread of germs and viruses.


It is packed in portable bottles each containing about 120ML of the germs-killing gel. The package is ideal for anyone wishing to travel or for simply using it on the go. The gel is quick to dry, killing as many germs as possible. The MiyaSudy Disposable Hand Sanitizer Gel has up to 75% alcohol concentration which means it will quickly kill all bacteria it meets and does not permit any bacteria infestation. Experts say, at this level of concentration, most bacteria will die within seconds. That said, the gel is suitable for kids and does not affect people with sensitive skin.


  • Dry quickly
  • Easily disposable
  • Has an antimicrobial effect
  • Comes in pocket-friendly sizes
  • Has 75% alcohol concentration

Herbal Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer


This advanced sanitizer from Zhengpin is an effective way to deal with germs. The sanitizer is gentle on hands and leaves them clean and smelling fresh. It is designed with rich Aloe Vera content that makes it leave your hands smooth and deeply refreshed.

With a 75% alcohol concentration, the hand sanitizer is made kill almost all the germs it comes into contact with. It comes in a portable size which makes it ideal for a travelling companion. The design is leak-proof, thus you don’t need to worry about getting any spills or leaks. The flip cap is also ideal  for  easier obility and does not allow any leaks.


You need to squeeze so that the gel can ooze out and once you rub your hands with this sanitizer, it will kill all the illness-causing germs. The gel dries on its own, so you don’t need to wash after use. That said, the Herbal Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer gel is rather expensive especially considering its only contains 50ml.


  • Gentle on hands
  • High alcohol concentration
  • Leak-proof
  • Easily dry off


  • It is rather expensive

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Naturals


The last hand sanitizer on this list is another great product from Purell. This specific hand sanitizer is made with natural plant-based alcohol that can kill up to 99.9% of germs. The ethanol used in this sanitizer is renewable which means it quickly dries off giving harmful bacteria zero chances of resisting.

The ingredients used to make this sanitizer are naturally derived and together with Vitamin E, the product cleanses and nourishes the skin at the same time. The alcohol concentration for this product is placed at 70% which is just right to kill even the stubborn germs. The product is naturally fragranced and does not have any strong scents that may affect the users.


The manufacturer chooses not to use any preservatives on this sanitizer and this means its gentle on the skin. The pump bottles are a nice touch and the design is also attractive. It is also highly portable, meaning you can keep it in your office, home or car.


  • Natural fragrance
  • Gentle on hands
  • Has no preservatives
  • High alcohol concentration


  • It is quite expensive for its size

Important Takeaways

It is important to note that sanitizers come in three different styles: gel, wipes and sprays.  Gels are the most common of the three and they can be used everywhere. Wipes are often used after greasy meals while sprays are often used to disinfect a large area such as a room or car. Sprays have a longer lasting effect.

Since there are alcohol and non-alcohol-based sanitizers, it is important to look for an alcohol concentration of 60% onwards for it to kill the notorious Norovirus. If you are thinking of making your sanitizer at home, be sure to use more alcohol than any other ingredient. Experts recommend the use of rubbing alcohol and something like Aloe Vera which prevents the alcohol from quickly evaporating once it comes into contact with the surface.

Before using the hand sanitizers, experts recommend ensuring your hands are clean from soil or grease. Having this on your hands can prevent the sanitizer from effectively cleaning your hands. If you choose to use sanitizing wipes, its important to discard them appropriately. When using spray sanitizer, it is probably best if you spray the surfaces you want way before using them. Remove any type of jewellery you may have on your hands as a precaution.


Due to the increase in demand for hand sanitizers, the prices for these, and other sanitizers has skyrocketed and most have run out of stock. While the situation is turning out to be desperate, authorities are urging for calm. Additionally, people are urged to look for alternative sources such as water and soap or homemade sanitizers.

CDC recommends that you should use water and soap as your first protective measure, while hand sanitizers should be used in instances when there is no water or soap. That said, there are other important measures to take to protect yourself from COVID-19 and other infections. They include; Avoid touching your face, cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, and isolate yourself if you are exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. Let’s stay safe.